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If you're here, there's a pretty solid chance you're giving me money for that privilege, which is just the dopest thing. Thank you. I just want you to know that your support will be repaid- primarily by way of writing weird little TTRPG games for you and posting them here. You'll find every game I've written linked below. But you'll also find a few other nice things that I've set aside just for you, comrades: you'll find links to shared documents where I write out the draft versions of my games, and eventually even more content: video, audio (I'm planning to read out audio versions of some of my game rulesets, as an experiment, and will probably post those up here), and just general experiments and bizarre things. I dunno, much about down there and figure it out, I guess.


  • 3 If by Trenchcoat - Revolutionary War-flavored mostly for the sake of a single joke about turkeys, still somehow funnier, more better rules, more better gobbos.
  • Cats and Corpses - solo journaling RPG about being dead and that not being your cat's problem because it still needs to be fed
  • Cupid, Inc.: An experiment vaguely inspired by the brilliant Jeff Stormer's Mission: Accomplished, or at least my vague memories of having a real good time with it, in which you play employees of Cupid Inc. trying to set up hapless humans on the path to love.
  • Hometown Magic: The first of what promises to be (at least) 4 games in the Last Library series, this is a sweet cozy game of being a child and discovering your unique gifts and how they can make your community better. Gentle magic abounds.
  • Seeker's Call: my latest, though I hesitate to call it greatest (that title, of course, belonging to 3 if by Trenchcoat because it includes explicit rules for a 5-goblin Voltron configuration, which is the greatest gaming innovation ever made). Anyway, Magic Gone Wild (hello, fellow 90's kids who get the reference) is the by-line of this, the second game in the Last Library series. Grow up, leave town, find strange magic shit, and hug it until it's better. Includes combat rules.


BEHOLD, Uncivil Union members. Below are links to documents that I have shared with early game design notes, setting notes, random systems. Some of them may never be expanded on, others will grow in time. Many may make no sense. New ones may be added. Old ones may go away. You might have the ability to add comments on some of these docs. Use that power wisely or it will be taken away.


  • The Last Library - The original design doc (or just notes and thoughts and a whole-ass magic system that's only a fraction done but is already ridiculously complex) for what's become the big defacto setting for two of my latest and most ambitious games. There's a lot more to go.
  • Acoustikitty - I haven't been able to do anything with this one yet, but I think someday I will.